Strategy at Zankye Web Dev

At Zankye Web Dev our approach to design is simple. We work with each client using a 5-step process that allows us to deliver a targeted end result in less time.

Understand the client's business

It's important for us to understand our clients' business so we can properly portray it in our design. We accomplish this by reviewing company literature and interviewing clients about their business. Uncover the client's vision Through a series of conversations and meetings we help uncover each client's vision for their design project. We have vast experience in the web and print design arena and we can help you to cross the barrier that divides imagination and creation.

Build and present design concept

Once we understand the client's business and have uncovered the vision, we bring that knowledge into the studio and create an initial design concept.

Develop Concept

Once a concept is accepted, we start full-scale development on that concept--literally breathing life into the design by turning the idea into a new media project with animation, 3D and various other new media technologies.

Launch Project

After the project is complete and has been reviewed and tested, we then launch it.

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