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Zankye Web Dev specializes in new media design for creative business.

What is new media design?

New media design is the marriage of traditional graphic design and technology. New media technology represents the best of what's on the web today animation, 3D, video, and more. But we believe it takes more than just technology to build an effective new media solution. It takes an artistic nature to combine these resources with alluring design elements creating a captivating marketing tool.

How do creative companies benefit from new media?

Creative business is any business that relies on creativity as its sole product or service,such as record companies, movie production studios, artists of all kinds, media companies, and more. The very nature of your work raises the expectations your clients have of your presence on the web. More importantly, visitors automatically associate the quality of a company's web site with the quality of its products or services.
Implementing a new media solution creates immediate credibility for your company by presenting information in fresh and exciting ways, showcasing high-impact design that intrigues visitors, and using the latest technology to streamline usability. All of these credibility factors strengthen your position as a business leader, which directly results in increased sales.

Why use Zankye Web Dev ?

Zankye Web Dev understands the impact new media can have on your business. We understand the value new media holds for our clients and how it can generate sales. We possess both the technical know-how and design inspiration to create sites that increase traffic and visitor session lengths, provide greater sales conversions, and instantly convey credibility. Since the Zankye Web Design staff is made up of professionals with varying creative backgrounds, we truly understand creative business. Let Zankye Web Design put new media to work for you.

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